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Oppenheimer Generations Research and Conservation (OGRC) catalyses targeted research and harnesses dialogue between research and practice to create impact in African landscapes. Our work supports human wellbeing, protects important landscapes and develops better human-nature relationships for the benefit of the African continent.

Our Approach

Questions lead to conversation and stimulate new knowledge for evidence-based decision making for real-world impact.

By asking the important questions about the environment and sustainability and unlocking opportunities for them to be answered, we foster locally relevant and inclusive solutions for sustainable and resilient African communities and ecosystems.

We do this through partnerships for cutting-edge engaged research and open conversation, empowering the next generation of African researchers, implementing innovative land stewardship models and identifying best practice for co-creating a sustainable future for people, places and planet.


Key Themes

Tipping points, landscape ecology and climate change

Nature hangs in the balance, and with it, our lives. How do we balance conservation and development to build resilience in the face of an uncertain future?

Wildlife economies
Africa’s wildlife must be governed and managed effectively for the benefit of its people and the planet. Can sustainable use of wildlife provide livelihoods while ensuring its own conservation?
People – nature relationships
People are part of the natural world. We’ve always been dependent on the natural environment. Increasingly the environment is dependent on us. How does nature underpin human wellbeing and how can we safeguard it for the next generations?
Preventing extinction
Species are being lost at a rate 1,000 to 10,000 times higher than they naturally should be. How can we reverse this to maintain biodiversity and functioning ecosystems?
Sustainable land use
Africa’s landscapes are working landscapes. What land-use types work for Africa and what does a sustainable working landscape look like?
Greening the economy
Sustainability must be the root of the way we operate. How can we build an inclusive economy that works for Africa’s people and biodiversity?
Origins: Archaeology & palaeontology
Interactions between humans and nature have been ongoing in Africa for longer than anywhere else in the world. How can an understanding of the past provide the key to coping with an uncertain future?
Research models for impact
What does good research look like?

Oppenheimer Generations recognises that business has a key role to play in fostering sustainability, inclusive growth and resilient ecosystems.

Oppenheimer Generations Research and Conservation continues to build a first-class research entity which supports, funds and facilitates national and international researchers to conduct cutting-edge research focused on the natural sciences to ensure practical, impactful outcomes.

OGRC is inspired by Nicky, Strilli and Jonathan Oppenheimer’s passion for the conservation of Africa’s natural heritage. The Oppenheimer family are recipients of numerous environmental awards in recognition of their contribution to conservation in Africa, which they continue to make through OGRC’s innovative initiatives.

'We are committed to leaving our world better than how we found it, and to building sustainable and prosperous societies. We will do this through focussed engagement across the land, people and cultures we touch.'

Oppenheimer Generations

Oppenheimer Generations Research & Conservation is a member of Oppenheimer Generations, a diverse community of commercial ventures and not-for-profit organisations representing the global interests of the Nicky and Jonathan Oppenheimer family. 
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