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Oppenheimer Research Conference

The annual Oppenheimer Research Conference (ORC) is a space for showcasing and discussing the natural and environmental sciences, and conservation and sustainable development in Africa.

The ORC is a meeting place for change-makers to shift the dial on biodiversity research and conversation. While the focus is impact in Africa, the conference welcomes global perspectives.

Conference goals include

  • Profiling African research excellence
  • Empowering young researchers and environmental stewards
  • Building a network of biodiversity professionals
  • Hosting impactful conversations 

The ORC takes active steps to reduce its environmental impact.

Please diarise 4th – 6th October 2023 for the 12th Oppenheimer Research Conference! Keep an eye on this page for more details.

The 11th oppenheimer research conference was held from the 5th – 7th of October 2022. 

See some of the highlights from #ORC2022


Introducing “Tipping Points” the webinar series for topical discussions on issues affecting development and the environment in Africa.


Guided by Oppenheimer Generations Research and Conservation’s approach of asking the questions that matter, this solutions-based webinar series explores how we can step back from environmental tipping points and foster a sustainable future for both Africa’s people and nature. Every month thought leaders, disruptors, and researchers gather to address key question for Africa’s future through an exploration of African environmental research, conservation, sustainability, and development.


Complex challenges have no quick fixes. Inclusive conversation that shares perspectives, uplifts African narratives, challenges conservation paradigms, and interrogates possible paths of action is critical in navigating complicated, interconnected issues.


Join the conversation in the last week of every month. To receive a notification, sign up to the OGRC Newsletter here.


The next Tipping Points webinar will take place on 4 October 2023 (CAT) and will be livestreamed from the 12th Oppenheimer Research Conference. This live webinar will focus on a discussion around environmental philanthropy in Africa, through highlighting opportunities, but also noting challenges experienced. The panel consists of renowned experts with substantial experience in this field – Shafika Isaacs, Nicky McLeod, Robin Woodhead and Irshaad Paruk. The webinar will be facilitated by Jonathan Oppenheimer.


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Past Webinar

Managing African grassy biomes: challenges and practice

Taste of Game

Can the taste of game add zest to the palate as well as the economy? Can game ranching contribute to conservation?

Taste of Game events create space for open discussion on game meat and the role of wildlife economies in Africa. Taste of Game events aim to stimulate both the taste buds and deeper debate about the cultural, philosophical and industry perspectives on game use and inclusive and sustainable economic development.


Stay connected for details of upcoming events