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Republishing Guidelines

We welcome the republishing of these articles under a Creative Commons Licence. Please follow these guidelines:

Guidelines for print and online

  • You must credit the authors of the piece and their institution.
  • You must credit Oppenheimer Generations Research and Conservation as the original publisher of the material, and add a link back to either our home page or the page on our website where the article in question originally appeared.
  • Some images may not be reproduced without permission or payment. You are welcome to omit these images.

Special Cases

  • Editing content: You may make edits to the content of the article, but the new version must be reviewed by the article’s original author.
  • Quotes: Authors may be quoted provided that the original article is referenced.
  • Extracts: You may republish the first few lines or paragraphs of the article and the say “Read the full article at Oppenheimer Generations Research and Conservation” with a link to the article on our website.
  • Podcasts and videos are also covered by the CC licence and the same rules apply when sharing this media.